Double Kayak:
    $15/1st two hours & $25/kayak half day

    Single Kayak:
    $10/1st two hours & $18/kayak half day

    Stand Up Paddle Board:
    $10/1st two hours & $18/board half day

    Long-tail Boat:
    $20 per hour (min 2 hours)

    Rental Time: 7am to 5pm.

  • We have our own high quality and very well maintained equipments available for rent:

    • A fleet of single and double Kayaks
    • 2 traditional Long-tail Boats (with motorised support)
    • 5 Stand Up Paddle Boards
    • Bamboo Bicycles (coming soon!)

    In addition, we can assist you with booking accommodation, transportation and various other travel services across the country for you. We have been in the industry for years and have a wide network of friends and partners offering similar spirit experience. 

    Please contact us for further information.

    Hoi An Kayak Tours
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