Support Local Artisans

Hoi An Kayak Tours Supports Local Artisans

We have supported local artisans with the aim of giving financial assistance and education in order to provide a sustainable future. We believe in the fair pay of artisans, who work hard in their craft and put an incredible amount of effort into producing high quality products.

We encourage you to take part in workshops leads by our skillful artisans, make your own products or partly join the making process to give them some financial support. It is not just the learning process of a traditional craft that attracts people to bamboo craft, sedge mattress weaving, pottery or other artisan skills. It is the people who share the knowledge and the place where they are rooted. Because traditional skills emanate from roots, a connection to land, a passion for sustainability and a handed down knowledge of cultural and natural heritage.

Visiting Local Craft-Families

By taking your time to visit a local craft-family and learn from their traditional handicraft, you give them some financial assistance and also builds pride and self-confidence among local artisans,  and encourage them to treasure their skill and conserve it for the future generation